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Alberton SAPS Officers Crack Down on Criminal Activity



Alberton SAPS Officers Crack Down on Criminal Activity

The dedicated men and women of the Alberton South African Police Service (SAPS) found themselves busy over the weekend as they took 23 individuals involved in various criminal activities into custody.

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These arrests encompassed a range of offences, including drug dealing, firearm negligence, driving under the influence, speeding violations, theft, shoplifting, rape, and assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Each suspect was promptly charged following their alleged crimes and subsequently escorted to the local court to face the legal consequences of their actions.

Captain Manare Ramotshela of Alberton SAPS underscored the importance of community cooperation in tackling crime, urging residents to continue reporting criminal activities in their areas. He also offered crucial advice to individuals visiting malls, emphasising the need to ensure that their vehicles are securely locked.


Ramotshela revealed, “After you have closed your car, physically check it. Some criminals are using their technology to stop your cars from locking their doors.”

In light of the upcoming festive season, he urged the community to prioritise safety. He cautioned against complacency, particularly in the context of criminals targeting parked vehicles, as the holiday season tends to witness an uptick in criminal activity.

Ramotshela emphasised, “Please stay informed, as we have observed an increase in criminals targeting parked cars. The festive season is approaching, and criminals often seek income through criminal means.”

The Alberton SAPS remains committed to safeguarding the community and maintaining law and order, calling upon residents to remain vigilant and engaged in their shared efforts to combat crime.

Source: Alberton SAPS officers clamp down on crime


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Photo: Supplied by Alberton Rekord

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