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Tshwane’s Precarious Situation: Municipal Workers’ Strike Transcends Labour Dispute



tshwane strike is no longer a labour dispute

The Tshwane strike is no longer a labour dispute but a large-scale criminal assault on the municipality. According to EWN, that’s what Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink said during a media briefing.

The strike started more than four weeks ago after the municipality announced that it would not increase salaries for its workforce this year. This decision led to municipal workers’ protests and work stoppages, causing disruptions across the city.

Tensions escalated further as instances of violence emerged, including torching municipal trucks and infrastructure and the shooting of an employee. These actions have shifted the nature of the dispute from a labour-related issue to a broader concern involving criminal activities against the municipality and its property.

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The situation has drawn attention to the municipality’s challenges, particularly its financial constraints. The budget passed earlier in the year did not include provisions for salary increases for the municipality’s extensive workforce, which comprises over 20,000 employees. This decision was driven by the municipality’s financial limitations, with a projected cost of around R600 million for the previously agreed-upon salary increase.


In light of the ongoing unrest and its impact on the municipality’s operations and assets, Brink will hold a media briefing to provide updates on the current developments related to the strike.

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