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Active honeymoons: Outdoor adventures for nature-loving couples



In the vast and diverse world of travel, choosing a honeymoon destination can be a daunting task. Based on expert knowledge from Discover Africa Safaris, it seems that nature-loving couples often prefer active honeymoons that offer them unique outdoor experiences.

They’re passionate about exploring the world and its myriad natural wonders, from surfing the waves in Costa Rica to hiking in the heart of Kenya.

Let’s embark on a global journey to discover the top destinations for active honeymoons:

Surfing and yoga in Costa Rica

The beautiful Florblanca resort is nestled in Costa Rica’s tropical rainforest, serving as an idyllic retreat for couples on their honeymoon. Offering:

  • Private surfing lessons that let you enjoy the area’s remarkable waves.
  • Yoga classes are set in serene, picturesque surroundings.
  • The undeniable appeal of its location, surrounded by lush rainforests, adds to its unique charm.

Skiing and spa in the Swiss Alps

Couples seeking thrills and luxury find them in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Known for:

  • Exceptional skiing experiences in Zermatt, Verbier, or St. Moritz.
  • Luxurious accommodations in cosy chalets and high-end spa hotels
  • Inviting relaxation options after a day on the slopes.

Hiking and wildlife in Kenya

Kenya, with its diverse landscapes and wildlife, offers a unique safari adventure. It features:

  • Hiking experiences through stunning landscapes teeming with wildlife.
  • Insight into the safari adventure, from witnessing the great migration to seeing the big five.
  • Tented camps and lodges offer a first-hand experience of the African wilderness.

Paddle boarding and snorkelling in Hawaii

The islands of Maui, Kauai and Oahu present an enchanting panorama of Hawaii’s beauty. They provide:

  • Paddleboarding opportunities, gliding over clear water and experiencing Hawaii from a unique perspective.
  • Snorkelling in coral reefs or volcanic craters, immersing in diverse marine life.
  • Views of colourful fish, turtles and dolphins.

Biking and wine tasting in Sonoma

Sonoma County in California enchants visitors with its vineyards and charming towns. Couples can enjoy:

  • Biking through scenic vineyards, is a tranquil and rewarding experience.
  • Wine tastings and picnics at various wineries.
  • Engaging in the local culture and cuisine, enriching the honeymoon experience.

Rafting and zip-lining in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Pacuare River is among the world’s best whitewater rivers, making it a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. It offers:

  • Rafting experiences that will get your adrenaline pumping.
  • Canopy zip-lining, giving glimpses of monkeys, birds and butterflies.
  • An unforgettable wildlife experience in the heart of the rainforest.

Sailing and kayaking in Croatia

The Dalmatian coast in Croatia is a sight to behold. With numerous opportunities:

  • Sailing along the stunning coastline and exploring islands like Hvar, Brac, Korcula and Mljet.
  • Kayaking in the turquoise sea and uncovering hidden coves, caves and beaches.

Trekking and culture in Peru

A treasure trove of history, culture and adventure, Peru holds a special appeal for nature-loving couples. Highlights include:

  • Trekking to the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.
  • Exploring the history and culture of Peru in Cusco, Lima and Lake Titicaca.

Cape Town hiking and watersports

In Cape Town, South Africa, couples can immerse themselves in a blend of natural beauty and thrilling outdoor activities:

  • Hiking up the iconic Table Mountain for breathtaking views of the city and ocean.
  • Engaging in watersports like kitesurfing and sea kayaking along the beautiful Atlantic coast.
  • Exploring the scenic Cape Point Nature Reserve for a chance to witness diverse wildlife and flora.

For a seamless travel experience, consider the convenience of renting a car at Cape Town airport. This allows you the flexibility to explore Cape Town at your own pace, ensuring that your journey continues to be filled with memorable experiences.

Diving and spa in Maldives

The Maldives is a dream destination for many honeymooners. This tropical paradise boasts:

  • Diving activities in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean reveal coral reefs, sharks, rays and turtles.
  • Luxurious overwater villas and beach bungalows offer a romantic escape from reality.
  • Opportunities to enjoy spa treatments or indulge in a romantic dinner, further enhancing the honeymoon experience.

Camping and stargazing in Iceland

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, offers a unique blend of elements for adventurous couples. It offers:

  • The chance to camp under the northern lights or the midnight sun is a truly surreal experience.
  • Glimpses of natural wonders such as geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers.
  • Opportunities to soak in a hot spring or a geothermal pool, providing relaxation amid the rugged terrain.

Nature-loving couples can turn their honeymoon into an unforgettable outdoor adventure by choosing any of these destinations. Whether it’s the thrilling experience of a safari in the Greater Kruger or the serenity of paddle boarding in Hawaii, each place offers a unique blend of excitement, natural beauty and cultural richness.

As you embark on this new journey of marital bliss, let the magic of nature and adventure accompany you in creating the memories of a lifetime.

After your active honeymoon, your next adventure awaits. Thanks to Discover South Africa Safaris, you have the opportunity to plan a tailored safari holiday in Southern and Eastern Africa, catering to your unique interests and preferences.

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