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Cutting the commute with Electric Zoom



Cutting the commute with Electric Zoom

In an era where sustainability and convenience are paramount, Electric Zoom (EZ) Bikes are spearheading a remarkable e-volution in urban commuting with its cutting-edge electric bikes. The EZ Bike is an electric motorbike that empowers commuters to effortlessly navigate through busy city streets at speeds of up to 60km/h, all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Cutting costs and saving time

The average South African commuter spends over R1500 a month to get to work and back again. This cost, along with the associated limits placed on travellers due to long queues and traffic, mean owning transport, and the associated freedom that comes with it, is beyond the reach of many.

EZ Bikes also offers employers, or individuals, the opportunity to be on the move, through simple 60-month rental options of R1500 per month. The EZ Bike comes fully insured, with a full maintenance plan and a tracking device which is all included in the monthly cost.

The EZ Bike is then fully owned by the customer at the end of the payment period.


No Clutch. No Gears. Just Go!

The EZ Bike series boasts a user-friendly design, rendering manual clutch and gears obsolete. With a focus on simplicity, riders can get on the road without any hassles. The bikes are tailored for all experience levels, making it an accessible and exhilarating ride for everyone.

Charge Like a Phone

Charging the EZ Bike is as easy as charging a smartphone or laptop. Simply plug the bike into a standard wall socket, charge and go. The convenience and speed of charging ensure that daily commutes are smooth and uninterrupted, allowing commuters to travel at least 60 to 70 kilometres per charge.

1-Year Full Warranty


EZ Bikes stands behind the quality and reliability of its products. Customers are offered a full one-year warranty on all bikes. In the event of any service needs, the team are committed to promptly resolving it, ensuring complete peace of mind to bike riders.

Innovative Features for the Modern Rider

Beyond the captivating design and impressive speed, the EZ Bike series is packed with innovative features. Each bike comes with a USB charging station, providing on-the-go power for all devices.

2 storage chambers accommodate belongings with ease and each bike comes with two helmets, a set of touch-screen friendly gloves, two sets of keys and two chargers as well as a raincoat. The EZ Bike takes two with ease, meaning weekend adventures can become part of living life to the full.

Commitment to a Sustainable Future


EZ Bikes is driven by a deep commitment to environmental responsibility. By encouraging the use of an electric bike as a greener alternative to conventional transportation, the company is helping individuals make conscious choices to reduce their carbon footprint.

License and ID requirements

A relevant ID and K53 bikers license is all that is needed before users take delivery. The EZ team makes it easy to do and offer training, booking of the license test and top biking tips before drivers head out.

A Green e-volution

EZ Bikes offer a unique opportunity to walk the talk when going green. Owning an EZ Bike means cutting carbon emissions and helps commuters reduce their carbon footprint all the while being able to live life to the full by getting to working, traveling on weekends and enjoying the EZ Bike life!


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Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

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