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Maritime Place: A seamless blend of modern living and historical ambience



In a bold and innovative move, Rawson Developers is paving the way for expanded residential options in the historic industrial heartland of Paarden Eiland, Cape Town.

This announcement marks an exciting chapter in the area’s ongoing transformation, as this will be the first significant residential block introduced into the neighbourhood.

Although Paarden Eiland still houses various workshops and businesses, the area has been witnessing a gradual shift towards mixed-use development. While maintaining its vibrant industrial character, a blend of residential properties, offices and retail spaces is being introduced, signalling a new era of development for the region.

As part of this transformation, Maritime Place – Rawson Developers’ new residential project – serves as a beacon of modern living in this historically industrial area. It harnesses the area’s unique charm and advantageous location, providing a residential experience that combines the best of both urban living and historical ambience.

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Moreover, residents will enjoy close proximity to Cape Town’s popular attractions, such as the V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain. This offers an exciting blend of city life, natural beauty and a truly distinct historical setting.

The pioneering move by Rawson Developers fortifies Paarden Eiland’s community, further enriching its cultural and historical fabric. As the area continues to flourish and reinvent itself, Maritime Place serves as a testament to Paarden Eiland’s ongoing relevance and resilience in Cape Town’s ever-evolving landscape.


This development is not just a new chapter for Paarden Eiland but also a significant stride towards boosting residential options within Cape Town. Rawson Developers is championing a unique blend of history, industry and residential comfort in what is set to become a landmark development in Paarden Eiland.

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Architectural and design concepts:

Maritime Place, located at the corner of Marine Drive and Amphion Street, is set to redefine modern living in this historic industrial district. The project’s architectural concept combines classic minimalism and elegant, forward-thinking design to create a visually striking and harmonious addition to the neighbourhood.

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Unit types and sizes:

Rawson Developers is offering a variety of unit types to cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences. Prospective buyers can choose from:

  • Studios: Sizes range from 27m² to 34m², with the option of a balcony ranging from 5m² to 14m²
  • One-bedroom units: Sizes vary from 39m² to 48m², with an 8m² balcony
  • Two-bedroom units: Sizes range from 49m² to 56m², with balconies ranging from 4m² to 5m²
  • Three-bedroom units: Sizes vary from 66m² to 71m², with balconies ranging from 3m² to 4m²

These units offer a range of choices for individuals and families, with options for both compact city living and spacious comfort.

Timeline and completion:

Construction of Maritime Place is set to begin soon, with an anticipated completion date of December 2026. This timeline ensures that future residents can look forward to moving into their new homes within the next few years.

Price range:

The development’s pricing is designed to be inclusive, with units available at a range of prices. Prospective buyers can expect prices starting at R950 000 and going up to R3.2 million, making it accessible to a wide spectrum of buyers.

Investment potential:

Given the strategic location, diverse unit offering, and expected completion date, Maritime Place presents an attractive investment opportunity. Buyers can secure a place in this burgeoning neighbourhood with the potential for property value growth.

Amenities and facilities:

Rawson Developers’ commitment to providing a well-rounded living experience extends to the practicalities of daily life. Residents can benefit from a range of amenities, including:


Parking facilities: The development offers 189 parking bays available for rent, ensuring that residents have convenient and secure parking options. While parking spaces are not for sale, the monthly rental rates are designed to accommodate residents’ needs.

Storage units: For those in need of additional storage space, the project will provide storage units available for both rent and purchase, offering flexibility to residents.

Backup Power: To ensure residents have reliable access to electricity, inverters will be available as optional extras per apartment. This backup power solution adds an extra layer of convenience and security.

Common/Communal areas: While specific details about common and communal areas are yet to be announced, residents can look forward to spaces that foster community interaction and relaxation.

Restaurant and coffee shop: The development will include a restaurant and coffee shop, enhancing residents’ dining and socialising options right at their doorstep.


Fitness centre: Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of a fitness centre, providing a convenient and well-equipped space for exercise and wellness.

Co-working spaces: For those who require a productive work environment, the development will feature co-working spaces, including a WeWork space, catering to the needs of remote workers and entrepreneurs.

Fibre internet and DStv connections: High-speed fibre internet and DStv connections will be available to all residents, ensuring seamless connectivity and entertainment options.

With these added amenities and facilities, Rawson Developers’ new development in Paarden Eiland not only offers a diverse range of residential options but also creates a complete living experience that caters to residents’ various needs and preferences.

It’s an exciting addition to the evolving landscape of Cape Town.


For more information and to browse the unit types available, click here.

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