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Want a whole new lifestyle-experience? A place where you can be part of a modern community? Plugged in when you want, switched off when you don’t? The Maritime Place in Paarden Eiland is the place for you. A mixed-use neighbourhood, a maxi-use development, and a multi-benefit lifestyle.

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Maritime Place in Paarden Eiland. A lifestyle development offering 334 competitively priced apartments with amazing views, just minutes from the city centre and the V&A Waterfront.

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About the neighbourhood

Mixed-use neighbourhoods have their special charm. And, like similar regeneration projects in London and New York, Paarden Eiland in Cape Town is perfectly positioned for a new era of development.

Think about it: very few areas in Cape Town can offer you a unique combination of easy access to the city, great views and the exciting energy of new space – all at a highly competitive price.

More than a place to live, this is your opportunity to help mould a neighbourhood to your way of life and influence the streets around you.


About the building

Think innovation and creativity. Think mixed-use, new-use, super cool. Think one amazing integrated space. Maritime Place is the ultimate residential/lifestyle development. There are communal green spaces, a shared co-working space, a rooftop garden, fitness centre, restaurant, coffee shop and much more.

It’s the village of the future with a contemporary twist. A new space, a new way of living.

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About the people

Mixed-use neighbourhoods tend to attract very interesting people. Creators of all kinds, artists and artisans, who live for their work and want to work where they live. This mix of work and play promotes walkability, which in turn creates a more social environment.

Soon you’ll find other businesses opening … sidewalk cafes, local grocers, cosy pubs and restaurants …

Before long, you’ll meet a wonderfully diverse group of people all wanting the same thing – a safe, cost-effective community.

About the apartments

At Maritime Place, every aspect of your apartment is considered. There’s a nod to the heritage of the area with a soft-industrial feel and a confirmation of where you are in the world with natural materials and a soothing colour palette.


There’s a balcony on every apartment, and big windows maximise the views of the ocean, Table Mountain or the Melkbos Mountains. In other words, all the charm of a historic neighbourhood, with the beauty of nature out of every window.

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About Sustainability

Lifestyle developments are naturally more sustainable. They offer the advantages of shared resources and all the benefits of community living, with none of the disadvantages. Research also indicates that more social developments encourage the use of communal ‘pooling’, i.e., shared transport, child-care or shopping – so reducing the carbon footprint at the most basic level.

In addition, Maritime Place uses environmentally friendly materials and features a number of green innovations that improve energy efficiency.

About the options

  • Studios: Sizes range from 27m² + 5m² to 34m² + 14m² balcony.
  • One bedroom: Sizes range from 39m² to 48m² + 8m² balcony.
  • Two bedroom: Sizes range from 49m² + 5m² to 56m² + 4m² balcony.
  • Three bedroom: Sizes range from 66m² + 3m² to 71m² + 4m² balcony.

This wide range of options makes for a beautifully diverse building. A studio would be perfect for a young professional who wants to take advantage of the superb co-working space. Maybe a three-bed if you’re a family who wants to be close to everything. A one- or two-bed if you’re a couple or someone a little older who simply wants to live in an interesting area.

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About the checklist 

Maritime Place in Paarden Eiland offers:

  • 334 contemporary apartments
  • Studios as well as one-, two-, and three-bedroom
  • Glorious views
  • A balcony on almost every apartment
  • High-speed internet and DSTV connections
  • Co-working spaces
  • Restaurant and coffee shop
  • Meeting places and green spaces
  • Swimming pool and fitness centre
  • Rooftop garden
  • Secure parking for rent
  • Back-up power solutions
  • Close to the city, waterfront and all the attractions of Cape Town

Target completion date: December 2026

Price range: From R950 000 to R3 200 000

The future. That’s Maritime Place, get connected here.

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