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Discover a better way to eat: Plated Convenience delivers health and taste



Plated Convenience has established itself as a market leader in providing high-quality, healthy meals to your door over the last nine years. Today, they deliver thousands of meals daily nationwide across all major regional areas and large towns.

From the outset, the team at Plated aimed to revolutionise the market by creating a healthy and high-quality product that competes with the wide range of ready-to-eat, fast-food options we encounter every day.

In a world where everything is moving faster and becoming more convenient, one should not compromise on taste or health when looking for a convenient meal option. For the millions of busy South Africans not inclined to cook a meal at home every day, Plated Convenience offers a high-quality and affordable solution.

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With a simplified online shopping experience on, hundreds of thousands of Plated meals have been delivered across the country, and the reviews speak for themselves.

Always offering a ‘more than expected’ service, customers have discovered a better, healthier and tastier way to enjoy meals.

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You can select your own meals to build a customised package from more than 65 individual meals and snacks or choose a package that suits your specific dietary requirements or lifestyle goals.

Packages include:

  • Comfort Meals: Perfect for those moments when you crave a hearty, feel-good meal without the guilt.
  • Weight-Loss Meals: Carefully curated to support your weight-loss journey while delighting your taste buds.
  • Muscle-Gain Meals: Loaded with protein and nutrients to fuel your fitness goals.
  • Kids Meals: Wholesome options that kids will adore, making healthy eating a breeze for families.
  • Vegan Meals: plant-based dishes that are both satisfying and nourishing.
  • Vegetarian Meals: Flavourful, meat-free options that showcase the best of vegetarian cuisine.

Using only the freshest ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers. Each nutritionist-approved meal is sealed with the best packaging technology. To preserve their quality, Plated Convenience uses a quick-freezing process that locks in freshness, ensuring that every bite is as delightful as the moment it was prepared.

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Full nutritional information is provided for every meal, along with a complimentary link to meal programmes and guides for healthier eating.

Plated is more than a delivery service; they are your partner in achieving health, fitness, weight loss and wellness goals.

With a continued vision to pursue national growth until every household knows there is a high-quality, tasty, affordable and healthier option available across South Africa.

Experience the heartwarming and nutritious creations of Plated Convenience with just a simple click. Place your order right here.

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Order before October 31 2023 and get 10% off your first order: Use #CPTETC to get your discount (T’s and C’s apply).

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