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Floyd Mayweather Comments on Land Ownership Issue in South Africa



Floyd Mayweather said get that land back

Floyd Mayweather said, “get that land back” upon his arrival in South Africa after attending events in Zimbabwe, where the boxing icon attracted significant attention due to his stance on land ownership. During his visit to Abu Dhabi for an exhibition bout, Mayweather met with politician Scott Sakupwanya, who invited him to tour the African continent, according to Firstsportz. Seizing the opportunity, Mayweather announced his motherland tour, including visits to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Touching down in his extravagant multi-million dollar jet, Mayweather was greeted by crowds of eager onlookers hoping to catch a glimpse of the boxing legend. While many anticipated discussions about his next exhibition bout, no concrete news has emerged. Instead, Mayweather recently finished participating in a political rally in Zimbabwe. That is where he expressed support for the ruling party.

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Following his engagements in Zimbabwe, the 46-year-old athlete flew to Johannesburg, South Africa. Shortly after his arrival, Mayweather wasted no time addressing the issue of land ownership. This topic struck a chord with the crowd.

“I want to see more people in South Africa have more ownership. We are in Johannesburg, it’s all about like myself, I own my career, I won myself, I became my own boss. Even in America, it’s about real estate… Get that land back,” Mayweather passionately declared. As he continues his stay in South Africa, Mayweather will participate in various events, potentially unveiling boxing-related news.

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