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vorster is ready to slap

Brakpan’s Pieter ‘Bulldog’ Vorster is ready to slap his way to victory as he gears up to face Herme Visser in the national slap fight championships semi-final in Dalview on December 9. Vorster is confident that the home support from the Brakpan community will play a pivotal role in his performance.

He enthusiastically stated, “If I have the community behind me, it will be great. I hear there will be a lot of Brakpan people coming to support me. I’m very prepared for this one.” Moreover, he revealed his commitment by mentioning that he has already signed up for international fights if he clinches the title.

Vorster emphasised the importance of fitness, highlighting his focus on cardio and neck muscle training. Joining slap fight as a sport two years ago, Bulldog has won all five fights. He is optimistic about his longevity in the sport. Vorster said, “I can still go on even though I’m 50 years old. I think I can still go for five years.”

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Vorster acknowledged the significance of sponsorship in pursuing his goals and expressed the need for sponsors. He believes the backing from his hometown will be crucial in the upcoming match against Visser. Vorster is known for wearing sponsors’ names on his T-shirt. He stressed the importance of community support. He stated, “If I can get a lot of support from the community it will help.”


While recognising Visser as a strong opponent, Vorster is confident about his victory. He said, “I know what I can do, and I’ve fought bigger guys than this guy.” The anticipated event is scheduled for December 9 at Rosetulee, and those interested can contact 084 600 7000 via WhatsApp.

Source: Vorster ready to slap

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Picture: Supplied by Brakpan Herald


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