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Glenvista Junior Tennis Team Shines in Gauteng Central Primary Schools League



Glenvista junior tennis team

The budding talents of the Glenvista junior tennis team have taken the spotlight in the fiercely competitive Gauteng Central Primary Schools Team League. These young athletes, nurtured by dedicated coaches, have displayed remarkable skills and showcased the power of teamwork on the tennis court.

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Under the guidance of their passionate mentors, the Glenvista junior tennis players have emerged as rising stars in the league. Their technical prowess and unwavering commitment to each other’s success have garnered attention and applause.

This achievement reflects the talent within the Glenvista junior tennis team. It highlights the vital role of mentorship and a supportive environment provided by institutions like the Glenvista Country Club in nurturing young athletes.

Source: Glenvista junior tennis team excels in Gauteng Central Primary Schools League


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Picture: Supplied by Southern Courier

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