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Israel Adesanya Claims Stronger Connection to South African Culture Than Dricus Du Plessis



Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya, the former 2-time UFC middleweight champion, thinks he has a more profound link with the people of South Africa than Dricus du Plessis, whom he hopes to fight.

According to The South African, Adesanya indicated his desire to fight in South Africa, highlighting his strong heritage from the country’s culture and land.

“I’d feel more South Africa than Du Plessis does,” “Adesanya cited when the topic of fighting Du Plessis in his native land was brought up.

He continued to provide more details about his experience in South Africa, discussing culture, body language, dances, and the overall feel of the country. He noted that this set him apart from Du Plessis.

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Du Plessis, the reigning UFC Middleweight champion, is interested in fighting Adesanya in the cage. Their recent brushes have upset one another.

In the meantime, Adesanya saw Du Plessis try to snatch his thunder and said he would welcome a battle inside the UFC octagon with Du Plessis.

The source of the tense relationship between these two is Du Plessis’s comments regarding AdAdesanya’s sensationality, which Adesanya understands as racially charged words.

With the possible clash happening, both fighters have amassed a following and enthusiasm from the fans, which has led to whispering about a possible ring battle between the two middleweight champions.

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Picture: Meta / Israel Adesanya

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