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Joburg’s Avant-Garde Film Festival



Joburg's Avant-Garde Film Festival

Mark your calendars for the Joburg Underground Film Festival, a celebration of experimental, radical, and unconventional cinema from around the globe. This unique festival is scheduled to take place on Friday, September 8, and Saturday, September 9, 2023.

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What to Anticipate at the Joburg Underground Film Festival:

This festival stands out as one of the few in Sub-Saharan Africa dedicated exclusively to experimental short films as reported by Its mission is to showcase a selection of groundbreaking African cinema alongside exceptional works from various corners of the world. The festival’s program features diverse boundary-pushing creations known for their technical finesse and aesthetic innovation. It places a strong emphasis on distinct and unconventional perspectives.

JUFF DAY 2 (Friday, September 8):


On the festival’s second day, the lineup includes six remarkable short films originating from Spain, South Africa, and the USA. These films encompass a neo-noir tribute to Johannesburg, visually stunning animated light paintings, an intense exploration of a young man’s fascination with the dark web, and more. Please note that the content may contain explicit material and is recommended for adult audiences. Following the screening, an interactive session will allow attendees to engage with the filmmakers.

JUFF DAY 3 (Saturday, September 9):

The program for the festival’s third day comprises six captivating short films representing the UK, South Africa, the USA, and Italy. Among these offerings is a narrative depicting a young woman’s reality-altering journey following trepanation, a stop-motion science fiction saga, an exploration of the relationship between electricity pylons and the landscape crafted using hand-processed super 8mm film, and more. Following the screening, an opportunity for dialogue with the filmmakers awaits.

For enthusiasts of pioneering cinema, the Joburg Underground Film Festival offers a platform to immerse themselves in audacious and innovative creations from diverse corners of the world. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the boundaries of cinematic artistry on September 8th and 9th, 2023.

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