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Planned 14-Hour Power Outage Scheduled for These Areas



14-hour power outage

The City of Tshwane warned that a 14-hour power outage is expected in several areas this week, disrupting residents’ daily routines. A notification from Eskom outlined maintenance work in Bronkhorstspruit, prompting the scheduled interruption from 07:15 until 21:00 on Thursday, 25 April. Affected areas include Bronkhorstspruit, Ekangala, Kromdraai, and Kwaggafontein.

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Inconvenience aside, safety measures remain paramount during such events, emphasised by the city’s advice on access, security, and preparedness. Residents are urged to release automatic garage door mechanisms, switch electric gates to manual, and keep essential items like torches and boiled water handy. Stockpiling non-perishable foods and investing in alternative cooking methods are recommended to weather the outage comfortably. While the inconvenience is regrettable, ensuring safety and preparedness is the priority for all involved.

Source: A 14-hour planned power outage expected in these parts

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Picture: Pixabay / Myriams-Fotos

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