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Persistent Klerksoord Water Leak Transforms Potholes Into ‘Swimming Pools’ Over Two Months



Water leak in Klerksoord

A persistent two-month water leak in Klerksoord Industrial has transformed the already damaged roads into what residents and business owners call “swimming pools,” creating frustration among the local community.

Klerksoord Industrial in Akasia, previously under scrutiny in 2023 for turning into a sewage swamp due to various sewer-related issues, is now facing the aftermath of a prolonged water leak. Concerns have been raised by residents and business owners about the continuous leakages and substantial potholes, especially in the vicinity of Akwamaryn and Smarag streets.

Despite the metro’s acknowledgement of the leak, spokesperson Lindela Mashigo cited challenges in fixing it promptly. The complexity arises from difficulties locating the precise point of the leakage, compounded by the fact that the water is emerging from an underground tunnel.

Mashigo explained, “It took the city a couple of weeks after the complaint was lodged to identify the exact location of the leakage.” Furthermore, the repair process has been hindered by challenges related to the availability of necessary materials and fittings, primarily due to extensive on-site damage.

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He mentioned, “The steel pipe of the length of about 100 metres of 400 mm diameter was damaged due to vandalism of the steel brackets that anchored the steel onto the floor.” The required materials and fittings, to be procured through a service provider, faced delays due to the closure of many firms during the December holidays.

While significant progress has been made, with 90% of the work completed between December 24 and 25, the outstanding fittings are yet to be delivered. Mashigo assured us that the installation would effectively stop the leakage once the fittings were received.

Resident Rentia De Haas expressed disappointment in the metro’s handling of the situation, stating that the water leak persisted since November 14, impacting the road conditions and causing significant damage to commercial vehicles. She emphasised the economic consequences, noting that millions of litres of water were going to waste while some areas experienced water shortages.

De Haas criticised the DA and Tshwane for their perceived lack of cooperation and interest, asserting that Klerksoord could have thrived as an industrial site without these challenges. The ongoing situation has left businesses and residents despondent, highlighting the authorities’ need for prompt and effective resolution.

Source: Two-month Klerksoord water leak turns potholes into ‘swimming pools’


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