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One Truck Slams into Another, Ignites Blaze on N3 Highway



A crash involving two trucks caused a fire to start

A crash involving two trucks caused a fire to start. Metro police spokesperson, Isaac Mahamba, has confirmed that law enforcement officials will stay at the scene until they open all lanes, according to Jacaranda FM.

The spokesperson stated that the accident occurred on N1 earlier in the morning. Currently, authorities are redirecting traffic as all lanes are unavailable to traffic. According to Mahamba, only one person sustained minor injuries.

Mahamba revealed that one of the truck drivers fled the scene, and authorities have yet to find him. He added that “the driver of the truck that hit the other truck on the back could not be found at the scene.” Traffic officials have not established the cause of the accident, but it appears that one truck was standing on the side of the road, and the other truck drove into the back of the other truck.

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Picture: Twitter / EWNTraffic

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