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According to climate change activists, solar energy is the solution to South Africa’s power crisis



In Cape Town, over 200 individuals from various organizations advocating for green energy, including climate change activists, marched to Parliament on Tuesday. They claim that renewable energy, such as solar power, is crucial to resolving the country’s power crisis as reported by Eyewitness News.

The organizations have urged the government to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources, including solar power.

The convenor of the march, Gabriel Klaasen from the African Climate Alliance, stated that the shift should begin with stopping petroleum giants such as Sasol and Shell from extracting oil and gas from the country’s coastal line.

According to Klaasen, the government has become more receptive to their demands for change and has listened to their concerns. As an illustration, they have proposed the establishment of a joint parliamentary standing committee on climate change and ecological crisis.

According to Klaasen, the timing of the march on Human Rights Day was fitting, as a clean environment is a fundamental human right.


Photo by Pixabay

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