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Allegations: Mr Beast Profits from Cape Town Orphans



Allegations Mr Beast Profits from Cape Town Orphans

In a report done by the Daily Mail, it is said that despite his status as the world’s wealthiest YouTuber, Jimmy Donaldson, known as Mr Beast, has faced consistent criticism for his tactics in boosting viewership on his popular YouTube channel.

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In his latest controversy, Mr Beast has been accused of exploiting a struggling orphanage in Cape Town, South Africa, as a means to garner more views on his channel. In a recent video, he showcased the reconstruction of the Baphumelele Children’s Home, investing millions of dollars in filming the process, which quickly amassed over 15 million views.

Critics, including Lourenza Foghill of Hope and Homes for Children, have labelled this act’ white saviours,’ arguing that Mr Beast’s charity work denies the children at Baphumelele the opportunity to grow up in a family setting.

While there’s no suggestion of wrongdoing at Baphumelele, evidence reveals that 80% of the 5.4 million children in orphanages worldwide are not orphans and have family members who could care for them. Advocates claim that children raised in such institutions often endure abuse and neglect and are more susceptible to homelessness, mental health issues, and legal troubles later in life.


Several charities contacted Mr Beast’s team in March, raising concerns after his video appealing for donations to support the Baphumelele orphanage reached 15 million views.

Mr Beast, known for extravagant stunts where he surprises unsuspecting individuals with expensive gifts, has accumulated an estimated net worth of over $500 million. He also engaged with his critics on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), although his claimed record remains unconfirmed.

Source: Mr Beast accused of exploiting Cape Town orphans for profit

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