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Alleged Bully Levern José Competes in Miss South Africa Pageant



Miss South Africa Pageant

In a surprising twist, a contestant with a controversial past has emerged in the prestigious Miss South Africa pageant. Levern José, who attended Lyttelton Manor High School, has caught the attention of both supporters and critics due to her involvement in an alleged bullying incident. This revelation has reignited discussions on the lasting effects of bullying and the potential for personal transformation and redemption.

The disclosure came to light through a heartfelt tweet from a self-proclaimed victim of José’s bullying as reported by Faith Judith Msiza. According to the tweet, José and her friend Aysha were accused of engaging in bullying behaviours, including physical aggression directed at a fellow student named Deborah. The incident allegedly took place after school, with the victim’s mother attempting to intervene but reportedly facing intimidation from José and her friend.

While the exact details of the alleged incident are yet to be verified, the revelation surrounding José’s past has sparked conversations about her personal growth since high school. It has prompted discussions on the long-term impacts of bullying, the importance of accountability, and the potential for individuals to change and evolve.

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Acknowledging the situation, the organisers of the Miss South Africa pageant are closely monitoring developments. They emphasise the competition’s integrity, compassion, and personal growth values. The organisers are committed to ensuring that all contestants are given equal opportunities while also addressing any concerns the public raises.


The emergence of this controversial backstory surrounding Levern José, a Miss South Africa contestant, serves as a reminder of the significance of personal growth and redemption. It prompts important discussions about the effects of bullying and the potential for individuals to transform their behaviour over time. As the pageant progresses, the spotlight remains on José, presenting an opportunity for her to address the allegations, demonstrate transparency, and showcase her own journey of healing and growth.

Amidst the competition, Levern José’s participation provides a platform to engage in a broader conversation about empathy, compassion, and personal development within society. The public eagerly awaits her response to these allegations, hoping for openness, accountability, and an opportunity for healing and transformation.

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