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Woman Cyberbullied for ANC Association Asserts Right to Freedom of Expression



freedom of expression

Boitumelo Thage, a 27-year-old psychology graduate and member of the ANC Youth League, is grappling with cyberbullying for her association with the ANC. Despite her political engagement and role as branch secretary of the ANC in Pretoria North, Thage has encountered derogatory comments on social media, challenging her right to freedom of expression, according to TimesLIVE.

Thage highlights the hurtful remarks and baseless accusations she has faced, including being labelled a “little thief” and enduring disrespectful comments about her appearance. Undeterred, she highlights her commitment to her political views and calls for a more constructive approach to addressing the ANC’s flaws.

Facing ongoing insults and bullying, Thage champions the need to respect freedom of expression and address harmful behaviour. She advocates for an environment where diverse opinions coexist, contributing to a more inclusive political landscape.

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While acknowledging the imperfections within the ANC, Thage encourages open dialogue, internal reflection, and collaborative efforts for positive change. As an activist dedicated to serving her community, she addresses the challenges faced by individuals in South Africa.


Thage believes in fostering a thriving democracy that embraces diverse opinions, allowing individuals to associate with political ideologies and express their views openly and freely. Despite the scrutiny public figures may face, she asserts that comments shouldn’t define one’s self-esteem, emphasising the importance of self-worth beyond societal expectations.

Beyond her political engagement, Thage founded the non-profit organisation A Second Chance and is the author of “My Voice Matters,” which educates children about gender-based violence and encourages them to stand up and use their voices.

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