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State to Contest Apartheid Cop’s Bail Application



Apartheid cop

An Apartheid cop’s bail application faces a state challenge, with the appeal set for May 16 at a high court session in Benoni.

The State seeks to contest the high court’s decision granting Pieter Stander, one of four former apartheid-era security police officers, R350,000 bail.

Judge Gerhardus Botha permitted Stander’s passport return on April 30 for his Iraq work as a private military contractor. He also postponed the trial to November 18 for defence preparation.

The application argues against amending Stander’s bail release conditions, asserting concerns over flight risk and judicial errors.

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Stander and co-accused Johan Marais, Leon Louis van den Berg, and Abram Hercules Engelbrecht face charges related to the 1987 murder of anti-apartheid activist Caiphus Nyoka.

Nyoka, a Congress of South African Students leader, was fatally shot at his Daveyton home by a police unit targeting activists.

The accused face charges including conspiracy to commit murder, murder, and defeating the ends of justice.

The State’s challenge seeks to uphold justice standards amid ongoing legal proceedings.

Source: State to challenge Apartheid cop’s bail application


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