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Biokineticist’s Remarkable Endeavors Raise Funds for Hospice



Kirsty Roux, a dedicated biokineticist from Benoni, embarked on a lifelong dream on May 27. She tackled the arduous challenge of a 100km ultra-mountain trail, a daunting task that would test her endurance and determination over an estimated 20 hours of non-stop running.

Participating in the inaugural Mountain Ultra Trail by UTMB in George, Roux faced the demanding terrain, navigating steep elevations of up to 200m, crossing rivers, and manoeuvring through muddy hills and valleys.

After a gruelling and punishing race, she crossed the finish line at 03:00 on May 28, completing the 100km trail in an impressive 22 hours.

But Roux’s motivation for this exceptional feat went beyond personal achievement. She decided to use her first 100km trail run as an opportunity to make a difference.

Roux dedicated her race to raising funds for Hospice East Rand, an organisation close to her heart due to her family’s involvement and the palliative care they provided to her grandparents during their battle with cancer.


“I wanted to raise awareness for Hospice and run in tribute to those who have selflessly served the sick and the less fortunate,” she explained, emphasising the importance of acknowledging the tireless efforts of Hospice.

The response to Roux’s initiative surpassed her expectations. She was humbled by the community’s generosity, with numerous companies and individuals contributing to her cause.

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Knowing that she wasn’t just racing for herself gave Roux added motivation during the challenging event. She felt privileged to have Hospice on board, supporting her noble endeavour.

As an experienced trail runner who has conquered difficult courses like Mont-Aux-Sources, Otter African Trail, and Lesotho Ultra Trail, Roux admitted that the 100km trail in the Outeniqua Mountains presented a unique and formidable challenge.


“It was an unforgettable experience. The course was incredibly tough, with enormous climbs, steep descents, and treacherous mud, making it technically demanding.”

Apart from the breathtaking views offered by the majestic mountains of the Garden Route, Roux believes that ultra-endurance events provide valuable opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

“There were many unknowns. I didn’t anticipate being alone for extended periods, navigating those trails in the dark. It was awe-inspiring to witness what my body was capable of. I felt immense pride in my legs for carrying me up those colossal mountains,” she shared.

Throughout the race, Roux had to tap into her mental reserves to maintain a positive mindset, even during the most challenging moments. Her pre-race mental preparation, including prayers, was crucial in keeping her focused and determined.

With her participation in the UTMB event, Roux managed to raise over R40,000 for her cause. Undeterred, she set her sights on the next challenge—the gruelling 87.7km Comrades Marathon on June 11. Her aim was to surpass the R50,000 mark in fundraising.


Just two weeks after conquering narrow paths and muddy terrains, traversing mountains in the name of charity, Roux completed the prestigious Comrades Marathon at an impressive time of 09:41:30.

Reflecting on her journey, she highlighted how individuals can give back in various ways. While she may not have significant financial resources, she recognised that her fit and able body could be utilised to make a meaningful impact.

“The experience has been incredible,” Roux expressed, grateful for the opportunity to combine her talents and passion for running with a greater purpose.

Source: Biokineticist completes ultra-events to raise funds for Hospice

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Photo: Supplied by Benoni City Times

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