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BMA Boosts Security with 380 Additional Staff at Key SA Entry Ports for the Festive Season



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The BMA has assigned 380 more staff to enhance service delivery and provide essential technical support during the festive season. According to Eyewitness News, the Border Management Authority (BMA) has announced this move to serve critical ports of entry nationwide. The BMA presented its state of readiness update for the upcoming December holidays in Pretoria on Sunday. As part of the holiday season plan, operating hours at key borders leading to Botswana, Lesotho, and Eswatini will be extended to accommodate increased travel. The BMA emphasised the importance of deploying extra staff to ensure the efficiency of entry processes, aiming to facilitate a seamless experience for travellers.

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Commissioner of the Border Guard, Michael Masiapata, highlighted the role of the additional staff in delivering services and providing crucial technical support during this period. He also mentioned that senior members from the Border Technical Committee would be assigned to individual ports on identified critical dates to offer support to on-the-ground personnel. In preparation for potential challenges, Masiapata revealed that the BMA has received backup supplies from the Department of Infrastructure. These supplies include temporary lighting, ablution facilities, special barricades, and Jojo tankers for water travellers at critical ports. Additionally, well-serviced generators with appropriate uninterrupted power systems are ready to ensure continuous energy supply, especially during load shedding. The proactive measures taken by the BMA aim to uphold operational efficiency at entry points, even in the face of potential water and power outages.

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