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Body of Bandile Tsamai Found Near Home



Angry residents gathered outside the Kwa-Thema Police Station near Springs on Tuesday, demanding justice for the murder of Bandile Tsamai. In a land dispute, the 24-year-old was allegedly shot and killed two weeks ago. His lifeless body was discovered just meters away from his home, displaying signs of bruising and two gunshot wounds—one to his forehead and another to his upper body.

According to Tsamai’s brother, Zamokuhle, the suspect had forcefully entered their home the night before the murder, brandishing a firearm and demanding to see Bandile. Unable to locate him, the suspect issued threats and insults, leaving the family deeply concerned for Bandile’s safety. Sadly, Bandile did not return home that night, and the family’s fears became a tragic reality.

Fanyana Tsamai, the deceased’s uncle, recalls hearing gunshots in the early morning hours but did not suspect that his nephew was being targeted. It was only after a neighbour alerted them about the discovery of Bandile’s body that the uncle realised the suspect had followed through on his threats.

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The uncle reveals that the dispute between Bandile and the suspect centred around a piece of land where the suspect operated a business. The land, originally owned by Bandile’s grandfather, had been leased to the suspect for several years. Two weeks ago, the suspect accused Bandile of breaking into the site and stealing items, leading to tension between the two parties.


In an attempt to reconcile, the uncle offered to repair the damages and apologise on behalf of his nephew. However, the peace was short-lived as the suspect stormed in, demanding to see Bandile and renewing his threats.

Tsamai’s family is now seeking justice for their late nephew, urging the authorities to take appropriate action. Constable Nkululeko Mangudlela, the spokesperson for the Kwa-Thema police, confirmed that a murder case is currently under investigation. While two cartridges and one round of live ammunition were recovered at the crime scene, the suspect had to be released due to insufficient evidence.

The police reassured the community that investigations are ongoing and that they are committed to bringing the perpetrator to justice.

Source: Man’s body found metres from his home in Gauteng

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Photo: Supplied by Citizen

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