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Brakpan SAPS Introduces Nine Functional Phone Lines



Brakpan SAPS Introduces Nine Functional Phone Lines

Brakpan Police Station has enhanced its communication capabilities by implementing nine active lines for incoming and outgoing calls. These contact numbers serve as valuable resources for non-emergency situations, allowing the public to reach out efficiently.

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The provided numbers are as follows:

  • 011 744 7940/45
  • 011 740 0194
  • 011 740 0160
  • 011 740 0050
  • 011 740 0201
  • 011 740 0523
  • 011 740 1030
  • 011 740 1037

These lines are accessible to the community for various inquiries, reports, or interactions that do not require immediate emergency attention.

However, the number to dial is 10111 in situations that demand urgent assistance. This emergency hotline ensures the authorities’ rapid response to critical situations effectively.

The implementation of these multiple communication channels by Brakpan Police Station signifies their commitment to maintaining effective communication with the public and providing prompt assistance as needed.


Source: Brakpan SAPS now has nine operational phone lines

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