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Bryanston reports 72 reinstatements logged



Joburg Water has finally addressed the road reinstatement at the intersection of Coventry Road and Witney Street in Bryanston. The repair involved excavating a 3m deep blockage in the sewer drainpipe, which had been left exposed for several weeks.

While acknowledging Joburg Water’s work, Ward 102 councillor David Potter claims that there are still hundreds of outstanding reinstatements that require attention in his ward alone. Joburg Water took over road surface reinstatement responsibilities in 2022 following water pipe bursts and sewer blockages, which had resulted in a backlog.

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The responsibility used to be that of the Joburg Roads Agency. Potter claims that he submitted a formal list of 72 known reinstatements to the executive management of Joburg Water, which he is continuously following up on. Joburg Water has not responded to queries regarding when the 72 logged reinstatements in Bryanston will be addressed. Potter claims that the lack of management and budget for such issues poses a crisis and puts the public at serious risk.

Source: 72 logged reinstatements in Bryanston


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Photo: Facebook / @David Potter

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