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Who’s to Blame for Deadly N3 Pile-Up? Chikunga Clears Air on Shifting Blame to Truck Drivers



chikunga blame for deadly n3 pile-up shouldn't be shifted to truck drivers

Minister of Transport, Sindisiwe Chikunga, visited the accident scene in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, following a massive pile-up involving minibus taxis, over 40 cars, and six fatalities. Many suspect that trucks may have caused the crash, but Chikunga refused to blame truck drivers until the investigation was complete. Eyewitness News reported that she had participated in road operations on the same route earlier that day.

The accident involved five trucks, but Chikunga stressed that no one should attribute blame to these vehicles at this stage. She stated that it would be premature to determine before the investigation was complete. Furthermore, she said, “I just don’t want us to suggest that this accident was caused by any truck driver or truck for that matter. I don’t want us to give that picture [because] it may not necessarily be true.”

Despite her reluctance to assign blame, Chikunga expressed concern about truck drivers violating road rules.

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Picture: Twitter / _ArriveAlive

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