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NGO Expresses Alarm over Alarming Child Kidnapping Statistics



child kidnapping stats

Alarming child kidnapping stats have been revealed by researchers, highlighting the prevalence of trafficking cases involving family or friends. A21, a global non-profit organisation, has commented on the Joslin Smith case, where the involvement of the six-year-old’s mother in her disappearance has shocked many, as reported by Jacaranda FM.

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According to A21’s manager in South Africa, Katie Modrau, in 2023, over 16% of trafficking cases involved family members, while 14% were linked to friends, indicating a disturbing trend. Modrau stressed the need for community involvement and heightened awareness to combat trafficking rings operating in the country.

Despite efforts, the whereabouts of the Western Cape child remains unknown, as her mother and her boyfriend face charges of kidnapping and trafficking in court.

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