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EFF Affirms Independence as 2024 Elections Approach



citizens do not owe any loyalty to the ANC

Julius Malema said that citizens do not owe any loyalty to the ANC. The Economic Freedom Fighters leader reiterated the party’s independence and commitment to its path as the 2024 national elections approach. Addressing members at a two-day election workshop in Boksburg, Malema clarified that the EFF does not owe any loyalty to the African National Congress (ANC) or other political entities, as per EWN.

Malema’s comments come from Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu’s recent statement attributing the Marshalltown fire tragedy to apartheid spatial planning. The fire claimed 77 lives in a dilapidated building in the Johannesburg CBD.

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Malema criticised the ANC and government officials. He stated that they have had 30 years to address the inner-city housing crisis and failed to do so. He pointed out that blaming apartheid and foreign nationals for the situation is an inadequate response.

In a passionate declaration, Malema emphasised, “We owe them nothing! We don’t owe them anything! We have actually honored them by electing them in 1994. For 30 years, we have been thanking them, and 30 years is enough.” This statement underscores the EFF’s determination to chart its course in the upcoming elections without feeling indebted to other political parties.


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