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Executive Mayor of eMalahleni Local Municipality assaulted and stoned by disgruntled protesters



Conny Nkalitshana was attacked by disgruntled protesters

The executive mayor of eMalahleni Local Municipality, councillor Conny Nkalitshana was attacked by disgruntled protesters during a meeting that took a surprising turn in Mpumalanga, as per IOL. Scores of residents were stationed near the N4 highway, blocking different points around the residence and demanding that Nkalitshana address them. Conny Nkalitshana had faced accusations of displaying arrogance after undermining some of their outcries while addressing the large crowds about some of their service delivery issues. However, it is believed that when this incident happened, she was addressing residents of Vosman who have been in a week-long protest that has shut down the N4.

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For the past few days, eMalahleni (Witbank) has been brought to a standstill as residents continue to demand the restoration of electricity they have been without for days. The situation has affected not only Witbank residents but also KwaGuqa residents and surrounding areas, who have been without power for almost a week. Despite Nkalitshana’s promise to purchase a new transformer and restore electricity on May 12, the community is increasingly frustrated with the lack of action. The protest follows other volatile protests that have also closed the N4 owing to the demand for service delivery. Nkalitshana expressed her deepest condolences to the families who lost their son, allegedly shot with live ammunition during the protest on Wednesday, May 10.

The ongoing protest has caused severe disruptions to traffic along the N4 highway, with demonstrators blocking both sides of the road and looting trucks. The police are working hard to get control of the situation as soon as possible because the N4 is an important road that links Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Swaziland and Mozambique. Despite the right of citizens to protest, the community safety spokesperson is requesting that protesters allow motorists and other road users to travel without interference. In addition, the spokesperson is appealing to anyone who plans to use an alternative route to travel towards Emalahleni via the N4 or vice versa.

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N4 near Emalahleni Closed by Protesters

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