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Controversial Photo of Police Minister Bheki Cele with Alleged Notorious Gang Sparks Speculation



Controversial Photo of Police Minister Bheki Cele with Alleged Notorious Gang Sparks Speculation

A photo of South African Police Minister Bheki Cele hanging out with members of the Terrible Duchine Kids (TDK) gang has caused widespread outrage and questions.

The photo, which was shared by Twitter user @PATRICIAMASHAL3, shows Cele posing with the alleged notorious gang in a Durban club. The TDK gang is known for its involvement in a wide range of criminal activities, including drug trafficking, extortion, and murder.

The allegations against Cele have raised serious questions about his fitness to hold office as Minister of Police, responsible for overseeing the South African Police Service (SAPS), which is charged with combating crime and protecting the public.


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The photo has sparked heated conversations on several social media sites, with users expressing a wide range of reactions. Some have speculated that the photo shows a troubling association between the minister and criminal elements, while others have urged caution and the need for real evidence.

There has been talk of a possible alliance or collaboration between the minister and the gang, with some saying that the minister and the gang frequent the same club, fueling the fire of suspicion.

The allegations against Cele are not new. In 2020, Cele said that the government was “beginning to co-govern with gangsters.” Cele has also been criticized for his comments about people with tattoos being criminals, and there have been allegations that some police heads are on the payroll of criminals.

The photo of Cele with the TDK gang raises issues about the nature of their relationship and the potential impact on law enforcement activities.


Picture: Twitter / ufh1916

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