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COPE Expels Johannesburg Speaker Colleen Makhubele



cope expelled colleen makhubele

COPE expelled Colleen Makhubele, Joburg Council Speaker, following her claims regarding the party’s participation in the newly established South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA).

The announcement came during a media briefing on Monday, with Cope asserting that Makhubele’s actions were unauthorized. SARA, chaired by Makhubele, includes smaller parties such as the NFP, AARM, ICM, and various churches.

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Cope President Mosioua Lekota clarified that while the party contemplated joining the alliance, Makhubele exceeded her authority by signing up the party without authorization, as reported by EWN. Her appearance on online posters, portraying her leadership in the alliance, led to her expulsion for deviating from the party’s stance.

Consequently, Makhubele lost her position as Joburg Council Speaker, necessitating the party to identify a replacement. Additionally, Cope terminated the services of councillor Ofentse Moalusi from the Tshwane Council.


Source: Cope expels Joburg speaker Colleen Makhubele

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