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Despite a ban by the police, Kenya is preparing for new rounds of protests



Despite a ban by the police, Kenyans were preparing for a new round of anti-government demonstrations on Monday over the high cost of living. The opposition leader, Raila Odinga, has called for people to take to the streets every Monday and Thursday, even after violent protests a week ago that paralyzed parts of the capital, Nairobi as reported by Jacarandafm.

Police have announced that the rallies will be banned, but Odinga has called on Kenyans to join what he has called “the mother of all demonstrations”.

Many Kenyans are struggling to put food on the table, battling high prices for basic goods, a plunging local currency and a record drought that has left millions hungry.

During the election campaign, President William Ruto portrayed himself as a champion of the oppressed.

He vowed to improve a lot of ordinary Kenyans, but he has since removed subsidies for fuel and maize flour, a dietary staple.


Photo by Sides Imagery

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