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Diesel prices set to drop, while petrol holds steady



The Automobile Association (AA) commented on unaudited fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund, revealing a significant reduction in diesel and illuminating paraffin prices for April. The AA predicts a decrease of around 1.5c per litre for 95ULP and just under 4c per litre for 93ULP as reported by Jacarandafm.

Due to lower international product prices, diesel is expected to fall by about 78c per litre and illuminating paraffin by R1.39 per litre.

AA spokesperson, Layton Beard, notes that adjustments to zone differential costs and slate levy could prevent a significant increase in petrol prices.

In contrast, a drop in diesel prices could curb manufacturing, mining, and agricultural input costs.

The fuel price changes will be effective on the first Wednesday of April.


Photo by Engin Akyurt

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