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Boksburg SPCA Temporarily Suspends Services Amid Distemper Outbreak



distemper outbreak

Amidst growing concerns over a distemper outbreak in the Boksburg area, the Boksburg SPCA has taken swift action, temporarily suspending various services. The society has initiated a quarantine for its animals and closed its doors to the public, impacting critical services such as adoptions, meet and greets, sterilisations, vaccinations, microchipping, and boarding.

The presence of canine distemper virus(CDV) in the Boksburg area has necessitated precautionary measures by the SPCA. Boksburg SPCA manager Vicky Finnemore explained that CDV is highly contagious, affecting dogs with symptoms ranging from respiratory and gastrointestinal issues to lethargy and neurological symptoms.

To mitigate the impact of the distemper outbreak, Finnemore stressed the importance of vaccination and urged pet owners to ensure their dogs are up to date with their vaccinations. Given the increased number of dogs displaying CDV symptoms and the varied incubation period of the virus, the Boksburg SPCA has opted to quarantine existing animals and close the society to the public until November 20.

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Key services like adoptions, adoption meet and greets, private dog sterilisations, vaccinations, microchipping, and boarding are temporarily suspended during this period. However, the Boksburg SPCA offices will remain open to fulfil their mandate by accepting animals and assisting with owner-requested euthanasia. At the same time, the inspectorate will continue its normal operations.


Recognising the financial challenges posed by the closure, Finnemore appealed to supporters for monetary donations to purchase disinfectants and provide food for the animals. She also advised the public to seek immediate veterinary care if they suspect their dog may have CDV. Assistance is available for those unable to afford veterinary care by contacting Boksburg SPCA.

Offering informative insights into CDV, Finnemore highlighted the virus’s airborne transmission and infected dogs’ prolonged shedding of the virus. With no specific cure, she emphasised the critical role of routine vaccination in preventing canine distemper. Finnemore cautioned against contact with infected animals and wildlife, stressing the importance of caution when socialising puppies or unvaccinated dogs in areas where dogs congregate.

Source: Boksburg SPCA halts certain services amid distemper outbreak

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