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EFF Holds Protest to Call for President’s Resignation



On Monday, thousands of people took to the streets across South Africa to demand President Cyril Ramaphosa’s resignation. The protest was organised by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). This Marxist political party attracts mainly Black South Africans from poor and working-class backgrounds who feel marginalised under the current government as reported by Engineering News.

The party had called for a national shutdown, but EFF leader Julius Malema urged protesters to remain peaceful and voice their concerns.

Reuters witnessed protesters carrying banners with messages like “Ankole must go,” referring to the president’s love for a specific cattle breed.

In anticipation of the protest, security forces were deployed to guard malls and roads to prevent looting and violence.

The central Woodstock area of Cape Town appeared to operate normally, but many shops and businesses in Johannesburg remained closed.


Shoprite, a retailer, had only one door open, and their metal gate shutters were partially pulled down. On Sunday night, a small group of protesters clashed with police in Johannesburg’s central business district, leading to arrests and police action.

The South African military deployed 3,474 troops to prevent and combat crime in collaboration with the police. NatJOINTS, the national intelligence body, emphasised that law enforcement officers were on high alert and would continue to prevent and combat any acts of criminality.

Photo: Facebook / @Economic Freedom Fighters

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