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Criminals Facing Multiple Charges Caught by EMPD in Thembisa



EMPD caught criminals facing multiple charges

In a swift operation, the EMPD caught criminals facing multiple charges on August 11 in Thembisa.

According to EMPD spokesperson Kelebogile Thepa, the incident unfolded as officers conducted routine patrols. They spotted a white Ford Bantam light delivery vehicle driving recklessly on the road.

The officers tried to stop the vehicle with a lone male occupant behind the wheel. However, the driver disregarded the blaring siren and flashing blue lights, attempting to evade law enforcement.

The dangerous joy ride finally ended when quick-thinking officers blocked off the motorist at the intersection of Andrew Mapheto and Brian Mazibuko drives.

Upon apprehension, the 35-year-old driver displayed hostility. He faced charges of reckless and negligent driving. Further inspection revealed that he owned a counterfeit driver’s license.


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As officers informed the man of his rights, another individual emerged from a black VW Amarok LDV. This 40-year-old male verbally abused the EMPD officers and claimed to be the detained motorist’s friend.

Thepa recounted the incident, stating that the officers took the hostile companion also into custody. The duo faces various charges, including fraud, failure to provide information, crimen injuria, resisting arrest, and intimidation.

The EMPD took both suspects to the Rabasotho Police Station. They will appear in the Thembisa Magistrate’s Court soon.

In addition to the arrests, both vehicles involved were impounded.


Source: Suspects face multiple charges after caught by EMPD

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Picture: Facebook / Intelligence Bureau SA

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