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Employees’ claim of racism backfires after attempting to view white colleague’s payslip without permission



Five Makro merchandise controllers took their case to the Labour Court after seeing a white colleague’s payslip, which revealed she earned more than they did. The employees claimed that the salary disparity was based on race, but management denied this and met with the workers to discuss the allegations as reported by IOL.

As a result, salaries for the applicants and other employees were adjusted fairly to eradicate any disparities.

Unsatisfied with this, the workers turned to court, arguing that the difference in pay amounted to unfair discrimination under the Employment Equity Act.

The judge rejected the claim, stating that the process followed by the retailer was the reason for the disparity and not race.

The judge concluded that something more is required to prove discrimination and that unequal treatment must be based on attributes and characteristics attaching to a person to fall within the meaning of ‘discrimination’.


Photo: Facebook / @Makro SA

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