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Government Vows to Put an End to Hijacked Buildings



end the hijacking of buildings

In collaboration with municipalities, the South African government has declared its commitment to end the hijacking of buildings. eNCA reports that this announcement came during a recent cabinet meeting outcome briefing, where Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni discussed the government’s efforts to combat this issue.

The urgency of this initiative was underscored by a tragic incident last month when a fire erupted in an illegally occupied government building in the Johannesburg CBD, resulting in the loss of over 70 lives.

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Ntshavheni stated, “On the fight against crime and corruption on Operation Bring Back, cabinet commended the ramping of this Operation Bring Back …to identify and recover illegally occupied state buildings.” This operation aims to identify and recover government properties illegally occupied.

Furthermore, she emphasised that the national government actively supports municipalities in enforcing bylaws effectively, primarily focusing on eradicating the hijacking of buildings. This coordinated effort seeks to address the critical issue of building hijacking and its associated risks comprehensively.


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Picture: X / Khu_Ntshavheni

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