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Eskom and unions prepare for extended wage talks



extended wage talks

Eskom agreed to extended wage talks with three trade unions to avert another stalemate, scheduled to commence on Tuesday morning.

According to Eyewitness News, the Power utility Eskom and the three trade unions, namely the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa), and Solidarity, will make another attempt at resolving the ongoing wage negotiations, which have faced three failed rounds.

Eskom presented a revised offer of 5.25% during the previous round, while the unions continue to demand double-digit increases.

Recognising the need to avoid another impasse, Eskom has agreed to extend talks, providing further dialogue and negotiation opportunities.

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However, the trade unions have rejected Eskom’s claim that their offer is final and are pushing for wage increases ranging from 9% to 12%.

In addition to wage demands, the unions have presented a range of other requests, including a standard allowance of R1,000 and the reinstatement of performance bonuses at 25% of the annual salary.

While there was progress in amending grievance and disciplinary procedures, significant gaps still exist between Eskom and the unions.

Should the negotiations collapse at this stage, the unions will pursue dispute resolution, followed by conciliation and arbitration processes.

Meanwhile, further negotiations will take place at the Centralised Bargaining Forum as Eskom strives to prevent a potential strike by disgruntled workers.


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