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Eskom Implements Stage 6 Load Shedding Due to Ongoing Challenges



Eskom is implementing stage 6 load shedding

Eskom is implementing stage 6 load shedding until further notice. This decision comes from ongoing challenges the electricity provider faces, primarily due to delays in returning generating units to service at Kendal, Matla, and Matimba power stations.

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According to EWN, despite recent statements by Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa assuring the nation that there would not be Stage 6 load shedding, Eskom’s current situation has necessitated this drastic step. Minister Ramokgopa had previously indicated that South Africa might experience load shedding at Stage 3 to Stage 4 levels.

The severity of Stage 6 load shedding has raised concerns among South Africans, as it indicates a more critical strain on the country’s power supply. Eskom has assured that they will provide regular updates on the state of the electricity grid should any changes occur. However, for now, South Africans are urged to brace themselves for the impact of Stage 6 load shedding on their daily lives and businesses.

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