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Violent Robberies Shake eThekwini: Woman Pistol-Whipped, Elderly Couple Manhandled



eThekwini robberies

Two households in Merebank, KZN, fell victim to eThekwini robberies, where a gang of armed robbers made off with jewellery, cash, and laptops during two separate incidents.

The suspects, believed to be the same gang, were reportedly travelling in a silver-grey Toyota Prestige, according to PT Alarms and Security reports.

The first incident occurred on Lakhimpur Road. The armed gang held an elderly couple and their family members at gunpoint. The gang physically assaulted the elderly woman and forced the man to lie on the floor. They proceeded to ransack the house, taking a television, an undisclosed amount of cash, cellphones, and jewellery before escaping, stated PT Alarms and Security spokesperson Dhevan Govindasamy.

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Following this, the same armed gang, now wearing balaclavas, targeted another home on Lahore Road in the Navy area shortly after the Lakhimpur Road robbery. During this incident, they pistol-whipped a young woman, although luckily, she sustained no serious injuries. The suspects confiscated laptops, jewellery, and cell phones before fleeing the scene. PT Ambulance Service provided medical treatment. PT Alarms Tactical units searched the area for signs of the suspect’s vehicle.


Wentworth SAPS responded to both robberies and is continuing its investigation into the incidents.

Source: Woman pistol-whipped and elderly couple manhandled in 2 eThekwini robberies

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Picture: Facebook / PT Alarms


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