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Custody Continues for Boksburg Man Accused of Neighbour’s Killing



Evan Swanson

In a grim turn of events, 73-year-old Evan Swanson from Impala Park, Boksburg, found himself back in the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday, facing the consequences of a fatal encounter.

Swanson, dressed in a Springbok jacket, stepped into the dock, his appearance marked by visible injuries. Wounds near his eye and a bruised, swollen hand bore testament to the violent altercation between him and his 37-year-old neighbour just days prior.

The incident unfolded on Friday when a dispute over loud music escalated into a tragic confrontation. According to police accounts, Swanson had approached his neighbour to request to reduce the music volume.

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Colonel Mack Mngomezulu, the station commander of Boksburg North SAPS, explained that a fight erupted during the encounter. This altercation took a harrowing turn when Swanson reportedly retreated to his residence, returning armed with a firearm.


In a shocking turn, Swanson allegedly shot and killed his neighbour. Law enforcement arrived at the scene swiftly, arresting Swanson and securing the firearm. Offices subsequently booked the weapon into evidence at the police station.

Swanson’s appearance in court offered a glimpse of the physical repercussions of the altercation, as the injuries he sustained highlighted the intensity of the conflict.

Swanson remains in custody as the legal process unfolds, with his fate set to be decided on September 4. On that day, a formal bail application hearing will take place, shedding further light on the tragic events between neighbours and the possible legal consequences that await.

Source: Boksburg man accused of killing neighbour remains in custody

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