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Fire Erupts at Koopkrag Building in Pretoria Central



fire at the Koopkrag building

On Thursday morning, there was a fire at the Koopkrag building at Johannes Ramokhoase and Paul Kruger streets in Pretoria Central.

Tshwane’s emergency services deputy chief and acting spokesperson, Peter Matolla, reported receiving the distress call at 10:05. Emergency teams discovered two rooms on the second floor were on fire.

Firefighters managed to rescue two children unharmed from the blazing building. No injuries were reported among the occupants or the responders.

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Firefighters extinguished the fire but some remain on-site to ensure there are no lingering traces.


Authorities are investigating the cause. They will provide updates.

Residents with valuable information about the incident should contact their local authorities.

Source: Two children rescued from building fire in the CBD

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Picture: Unsplash / Jay Heike

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