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Inferno Erupts at Eugene Marais Hospital



fire at Eugene Marais Hospital

A fire incident unfolded at Eugene Marais Hospital in Pretoria around 18:00 on Thursday, resulting in emergency response efforts. The fire was successfully contained, and there were no injuries reported. Details surrounding the incident remain limited. The Gauteng Provincial Police said that emergency services were going to the hospital. Authorities urged residents to clear the immediate area and use alternative routes to avoid congestion.

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Emer-G-Med emergency services spokesperson Kyle van Reenen provided initial insights into the incident, citing a generator as the source of the fire. The generator caught fire during load-shedding, highlighting a potential connection between the power disruption and the incident. Fortunately, the swift response from emergency services contributed to successfully containing the fire and preventing any reported injuries. As the situation develops, authorities will likely conduct a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the damage and the specific factors leading to the generator fire.

Source: Fire breaks out at Eugene Marais Hospital

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