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Joburg City Manager Floyd Brink Asserts Legitimacy of His Appointment



appointment was legitimate

Joburg City Manager Floyd Brink asserts that his appointment was legitimate, given the council’s re-tabling and remedying of the high court’s ruling.

SABC News reports that last week, the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg deemed the process of appointing Brink procedurally flawed, leading to an application by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to overturn his appointment.

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The DA argued that the council showed contempt for the court by adopting a report to reinstate Brink. Brink, however, contends that the report was tabled per Section 59 of the Municipal Systems Act.

He explains, “That particular section within the law clearly stipulates what can be and cannot be done, so the council can either confirm, vary, or revoke a specific decision. Section 59 (3) of the Systems Act, as mentioned in the judgment, covers how the report was tabled, as seen in paragraph 38 of the judgment.” Brink emphasises that the appointment adhered to the legal provisions outlined in the judgment.


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