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Food Lover’s Market Kicks Off Hunger Month With 2 Million Meals



Food Lover's Market

Food Lover’s Market has initiated its annual Hunger Month campaign, partnering with suppliers to raise funds and awareness for feeding vulnerable South Africans. Throughout May, shoppers are encouraged to voluntarily purchase a meal for 56 cents at Food Lover’s Market stores, with the company matching all donated meals on World Hunger Day as reported by IOL.

With over 2 million meals already donated, the retailer aims to address the dire food vulnerability in South Africa. Food inflation has reached a 14-year high, and 1 in 5 households suffer from insufficient food, emphasising the urgency of the campaign.

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FoodForward SA, the beneficiary of Hunger Month, collects surplus food from supermarkets and farms to distribute to over 2,750 organisations, serving 985,000 individuals daily.

Food Lover’s Market calls on all South Africans to support the campaign and help alleviate hunger in the country.


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Photo: Facebook / @Food Lover’s Market

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