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Fourways Residents Appeal for Area Improvement and Upgrades



Residents of Fourways are increasingly expressing frustration over deteriorating service delivery in their area. Their grievances encompass a range of issues, including persistent electricity problems, water leaks and bursts, excessive noise, and the need for general clean-up. This sentiment was captured in recent discussions where residents voiced their concerns, highlighting delays in addressing these problems, with some issues taking over two months to be attended to.

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The Fourways Review has reported a notable rise in noise complaints, particularly from rooftop bars, restaurants, and construction activities, which have been significantly impacting residents’ quality of life. Numerous locals have reached out to the Review, feeling unheard and desperate for solutions. Despite lodging complaints, residents observe that the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) interventions provide only temporary relief, with the noise issues resurfacing the following day.

JMPD spokesperson Superintendent Xolani Fihla acknowledged the challenges in managing noise complaints. He explained that while the JMPD does respond to such complaints, shutting down legally operating establishments requires court approval. Fihla emphasized that the Environmental Health Department is equipped with noise-measuring devices and follows a legal procedure to address these issues, including petitioning the court for injunctions to enforce closure where necessary.

The concerns extend beyond noise pollution to include frequent power outages and traffic light failures, often attributed to cable theft and weather-related damage. Residents argue that it is the municipality’s responsibility to promptly address these faults to ensure road safety. Despite the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) reportedly spending over R15 million in the last three years to rebuild vandalized traffic intersections, local councillor David Foley expressed dissatisfaction with the JRA’s presence and effectiveness in the community.


Water infrastructure issues also plague the area, with significant delays in addressing water leaks and bursts. Councillor Foley pointed out the extreme cases where leaks took up to eight months to repair, resulting in substantial water wastage. He criticized the allocation of resources, claiming that the JRA is notably absent in his ward, with funds seemingly directed to areas contributing less in rates compared to Ward 94.

The residents of Fourways are calling for attention and action, emphasizing that they pay for these services and deserve better responsiveness and efficiency from their local authorities. Their plea is not just for the resolution of individual issues but for an overall improvement in service delivery and quality of life in their community.

Picture: Fourways Review

Source: Fourways residents plead for the betterment of their area 

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