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An exciting lineup at Freedom Park celebrated Africa Day



Freedom Park

Freedom Park in Pretoria hosted a vibrant and culturally diverse programme two days ago, commemorating Africa Day.

According to IOL, the event started with an energetic drumming performance titled “Silencing the Guns with Drums,” emphasising the importance of peace across Africa.

During the festivities, homage was paid to the visionary founders of the Organisation of African Unity, now known as the African Union (AU). Their relentless dedication to liberating their respective nations from the shackles of colonialism was also celebrated and remembered.

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A significant highlight of the programme was a thought-provoking dialogue session entitled “Xenophobia,” featuring distinguished guests and experts engaging in a meaningful discussion.


It was a joyous celebration of African heritage, showcasing the richness of African culture through various aspects such as art, craft, clothing, dance, and music. In addition, attendees indulged in delectable African cuisine and basked in the warmth of intercontinental relations.

Freedom Park’s Africa Day programme successfully brought together people from diverse backgrounds to unite in their shared appreciation and love for the African continent. It served as a reminder of Africa’s past struggles and triumphs and a call to collectively build a brighter, more peaceful future for all Africans.

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Picture: Facebook / Freedom Park (SA)


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