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Shocking Details About Thabo Bester’s Former Prison – London-Based Security Company G4S Under Fire



G4S, a London-based security company

Thabo Bester has been the talk of the town in South Africa recently. The escaped criminal and his alleged accomplice/girlfriend, Dr Nandipha Magudumana, have returned to South Africa after their tumultuous journey. Bester’s escape suggests that parties from the Mangaung correctional centre and the security company that handles the security may have played a part. That company is G4S, a London-based global security company owned by Allied Universal, a security and facility services company.

G4S has been under scrutiny by parliamentary members this week. With a global workforce of about 800,000 people and revenue of about $20 billion, the company claims to have the resources to deploy efficient processes and systems to help deliver safety to communities worldwide. In Africa and the Middle East, G4S has an extensive network of offices and over 122,000 employees to support local communities and customers.

G4S claims to have a strong presence in all nine provinces of South Africa. It is one of the largest private sector employers, employing 10,000 screened, security vetted, and highly trained personnel nationwide. The company offers multiple services, with its top three services in South Africa being Care and Justice in Mangaung, G4S Cash solutions, and banking solutions.

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Business Report will investigate G4S’s work in Mangaung, given the recent headlines and parliamentary sessions with G4S. The firm and its partnership with Mangaung Prison are the first in the country. Mangaung is the second-largest private prison worldwide, accommodating around 3,000 prisoners. In addition, the security firm claims to be part of “the consortium responsible for the design, construction, and financing of the project.”

The firm faced allegations of torture by its officers on prisoners in 2013 and lost control of the prison that same year after the prisoners took a female custodian hostage. Furthermore, based on the hearings, 23 G4S officials “looked the other way” as Bester escaped on May 3, 2022.


There needs to be better management and more oversight from the security firm at Mangaung Prison. There could also be a question about whether our prisons should use private firms. The parliamentary hearings will continue between G4S executives and MPs, and the outcome of the Bester escape remains to be seen.

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Picture:  Matthew Ansley on Unsplash

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