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Gauteng Health Department Debunks Monkey Video in Water Tanks



The Gauteng Department of Health (GDoH) has dismissed claims that a video showing monkeys playing in water tanks was filmed at Jubilee District Hospital in Pretoria. The video went viral on social media, causing concern among patients and the public, particularly due to the ongoing cholera outbreak in Hammanskraal as reported by Briefly.

In a statement released on June 6, the Department of Health clarified that Jubilee District Hospital and other facilities under its jurisdiction do not use black water tanks but instead rely on green Jojo tanks. The department traced the video to a YouTube channel named V6 News, where it was originally posted in April 2022 with the caption “Monkeys bath in water tanks in Narsingapur,” a village in India.

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The video has since been shared by various YouTube channels and across other social media platforms.

Motalatale Modiba, a Gauteng Health spokesperson, warned against spreading unverified and false information about the GDoH. The department expressed its readiness to take legal action against individuals disseminating such content. Modiba urged the public to denounce fake content and report pages that share it. The GDoH advised the public to rely on reliable information from its official social media pages and reputable news outlets.


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